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The ASCOM Alpaca Superhighway

ASCOM Alpaca outshines classic ASCOM drivers with its platform independence, modern web standards, streamlined installation, remote control capabilities, extensibility, and open-source options. This ensures superior compatibility and user-friendly performance, making Alpaca the preferred choice for astronomy applications.

No More USB

Are USB issues with your astronomy devices irritating you? We understand that USB can be a source of frustration. Alpaca offers an alternative solution that uses WiFi or Ethernet. Alpaca can be integrated into devices including mounts, cameras, dome & roof controllers, weather sensors, focusers, and filter wheels. With Alpaca, you can say goodbye to USB-related problems! A USB-less future!


No More Drivers

Since Alpaca can be built into a device, the device itself speaks a universal protocol that can be directly understood by any program. Everything needed is part of the device. This eliminates the need for additional drivers and support platforms! A driver-less future!

Our On-Ramp for Astronomy Apps

Your current Windows-hosted ASCOM astronomy programs now have an "on-ramp" enabling them to use Alpaca devices. The ASCOM Chooser can automatically discover self-contained or Linux hosted Alpaca devices and provide the connection enabling your Windows apps to use them, all without requiring any change to your programs. 100% Compatible.

Dynamic Driver.png
ASCOM Remote.png

Our On-Ramp for ASCOM Devices

Your existing Windows ASCOM devices now have an "on-ramp" to Alpaca! ASCOM Remote, a simple Windows app, turns your Windows ASCOM devices into Alpaca devices that can be controlled from an iOS, Linux, or MacOS  system hosting SkySafari 7, CCDCiel, HNSky, or Cartes du Ciel. See the Showcase for more details.

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